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The Collector Author John Fowles English Literature Essay

The Collector Author John Fowles English Literature Essay Im not a big fan of reading to be honest. I havent read many books. Since I got in the 10th grade I actively started reading. It was mandatory and it was also part of the exams program so I had to. The books that I have read were mostly for Dutch. I had to read 5 books. Ive read books like Gouden ei, Turks fruit, Het leven is verrukkeluk etc. Motivation I have chosen to read the book The millstone. I have a few reasons why I have chosen this book instead of another one. The first reason is because of the title. The millstone is a strange and unusual title. It immediately got my attention. Then I started to read a short description of the book. It said that I was about a girl who got pregnantà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦. And it sounded interesting. So I said to myself sure. Bibliographical entry Title of the book: The collector Author: John Fowles First published by Jonathan Cape, London 1963 Summary The story is about a young man named Frederick Clegg. He works as clerk in a city hall and collects butterflies in his spare time. Clegg is obsessed with a girl named Miranda Grey. She is a art student at the Slade School of Fine arts. He admires her from a distance but is unable to make any contact with her, because of his extreme lack of social skills. One, day he wins a large prize in the football pools. This allows him to stop working and buy a house in the countryside. He feels lonely and wants to be with Miranda. Clegg decides to add her to his collection of pretty objects. He hopes that if he kept her captive long enough she will grow to love him. After careful preparations, he kidnaps Miranda by drugging her with Chloroform and locks her in his basement. When she wakes up she confront him with what he has done. Clegg is embarrassed and he promises her that he will let her go after a month. He also promises to treat her with respect and wont sexually molest her and that he will shower her with gifts and presents on 1 condition. She cant leave the basement. During her captivity Miranda kept a diary. In it she writes about her previous life before she was held captive. Clegg scares Miranda and she does not understand him at the beginning. At first, she thinks that he has sexual motives for abducting her, but later as his true character begin to reveal she realise that it is not true. Miranda starts to have some pity for Clegg, because of his hopeless obsession with her. Clegg tells Miranda that his first name is Ferdinand. Miranda tries to escape several times but failed. Clegg was always able to stop her. Miranda also tries to seduce him in order to convince him to let her go, but this only resulted in him becoming confused and angry. When Clegg refuses to let her go, she starts to fantasize about killing him. After a failed attempt, she thought that killing Clegg would lower her to his level. She refrained from any further attempts. Before Miranda can escape again, she becomes very ill and dies. Clegg found out that Miranda died. At first, he wanted to commit suicide, but after reading her diary in which she wrote that she never loved him, he decides that he is not responsible and is better off without her. The book ends with his announcement that he plans to kidnap another girl. Bibliographical entry Title of the book: The millstone Author: Margaret Drabble First published by Weidenfield Nicolson 1965 Summary The story takes place in London in Cambridge in the 1960s. Its about a 19 year-old girl named Rosamund Stacey. The main character is Rosamund Stacey Other important characters are the Beatrice ( the sister of Rosamund), Lydia (friend of Rosamund), Joe and Roger, George. . The most important events are that Rosamund got pregnant and she hasnt told the father George, the family and friends except Beatrice and Lydia. Yes the life of the Rosamund changes. Both Joe and Roger think that she is sleeping with one another so neither one of them presses her to have sex. In a pub Rosamund meets George Matthews. He is newsreader for BBC radio. She feels attracted to him and they end up in her flat and eventually have sex. Rosamund When she found out that she is pregnant, a whole new world opens for her. While she decides not to tell George and her parents in order not to upset them, she did tell her sister, Beatrice in the hopes she will get some moral support First personal reaction The book is very interesting. You can relate to the events that happen in the book. The story is convincing and has a deep core.

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Depiction of Latinos in 20th Century Film Essay -- Latino Portrayal Fi

Depiction of Latinos in 20th Century Film Graphs Not Included Over the course of this past century, the depictions of assimilated Latino characters has improved a great deal. Early portrayals of Latino assimilation generally proved to be a montage of unrealistic caricatures which seemed to convey the filmmaker's creativity more so than true representations. This formed the manner in which the American people at large viewed not just Latino characters attempting to assimilate, but also those who were not. As Cine-Aztlan puts it, film "manipulates the human psychology, sociology, religion, and morality of the people, in a word the ideological super-structure of modern capitalist society" (pg.275, Chicanos and Film). As the years went by however, mainly because Latinos started gaining power in the film industry and depicting (as opposed to creating) Latino characters, the images of Latinos who were adapting (either by choice or by societal force) to the lifestyle and values of the United States, grew more and more representative of what was actually taking place outside of the film studios. Today, most portrayals of assimilated Latinos are fairly accurate. The forces to which their modification is portrayed are not so much representative of middle-class White America however, but rather that of Urban Hip-Hop culture. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Rex Ingram. 1921) provides us with an inaccurate portrayal of an assimilated Latino character. First and foremost, it is important to note that Julio Desnoyers (the Latino character in question) is played by Rudolph Valentino, a non-Latino. This in itself makes him seem "un-Latino" to the Hispanic audience. Also, Julio represented the prototypical Latin Lover during t... ...e growing power of Latinos in the film industry. Latino producers such as Joseph Vasquez have made many films (such as Hangin? with the Homeboys and Manhattan Merengue) which show Latinos in a truer light. Also, since some of today?s hottest movie stars are Latino, big time producers cannot ignore the influence which they bring to the studio. Leguizamo, Antoni Banderas, and Jeniffer Lopez are just three examples of the growing number of latin@s whose appeal and presence in the film industry can help the overall cause of Latino representation, whether it be assimilated depictions or wholly cultural ones. It is important to recognize that American society recognize that there are indeed differences between U.S. Latin@s and Latin@s in their respective countries. In order to do this; both must be portrayed in popular film. GRAPH

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Code of conduct

Those principles operate in injunction with our values (as described by our CEO above) and our policies and procedures. At the heart of each of the principles is the imperative to uphold the reputation of the Weakest Group. We all have a role to play in ensuring that the Group's reputation is strengthened and not harmed by our conduct, whatever work we do and wherever we are located. Remember this simple test to determine if our proposed conduct is appropriate: would we be happy to see that conduct reported on the front page of a newspaper?The Code has the full support of the Board and the Executive Team and we take compliance with the Code very seriously. If you breach the Code then you may face disciplinary action, including termination of your employment. You also have a responsibility to report immediately any breaches by a colleague to your manager or team leader or your Human Resources or Compliance business unit representative. Do the same even if you are unsure if there has b een a breach.Our Whistler's Protection Policy outlines all reporting channels, as well as the process for raising concerns anonymously. Here is some more detail about each of the principles in the Code. We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Honesty and integrity go hand-in-hand. They guide us in making decisions, so that we make the correct choices between right and wrong. There is no room for compromise: if we do not act with honesty and integrity 100% of the time, we are undeserving of the trust of our customers, colleagues, community and shareholders.Here are some examples of how we act with honesty and integrity: we do not use funds, property or information belonging to he Weakest Group or our customers for our personal benefit and nor do we help others to do so; we immediately report dishonest behavior by our colleagues and customers; we do not offer or give bribes, facilitation payments or other benefits to influence others, nor accept bribes or other bene fits; we keep records of our dealings with customers and suppliers that are accurate and transparent.If we fail to comply with laws and regulations both the Weakest Group and the individual employee may face criminal sanctions or other serious consequences. If o are unsure what laws and regulations apply then contact Legal & Secretariat. We must also comply with the Weakest Group's internal policies and procedures, including this Code.If you are unsure what policies and procedures apply to your work then talk to your manager or team leader. If there is anything inconsistent between the laws and regulations applying where you work and our policies and procedures, then you need to meet whichever sets the higher standard of behavior. If you believe such an inconsistency exists, you should talk to your Customers can be confident

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The Success Rate Is More Than Those Attended A Traditional...

Given the fact that online success rate is less than those attended a traditional school, yet the number of students participate in online studies are increasing each year. We are living in an era of growing innovation, new technology where most community colleges and universities are offering online courses. This new distance education is now widely accepted by many higher education institutions and very much appreciated by many students whose daily schedules are not suitable for traditional classroom courses. On this report paper, I would like exam couple components that contribute to the success rate results: how and where did the results come about, among the factors that might affect the outcome of the rate such as students characteristics and patterns along with any improvement need to be made for a better online successful outcome. Let start of with the finind results for this report paper. According to the new report from Community College Research Center (CCRC Working Paper No. 31), the Teachers College at Columbia University written by Di Xu and Shanna Smith Jaggars published in March 2011, indicates that online students have a higher rate of dropout or incomplete courses than traditional classroom students.(Introduction, Page 1, Jaggars, 2011). As I understand, this result is based on a five year study of more than 50,000 first-time college students who enrolled in technology colleges and state community colleges across the state of Washington. They collectedShow MoreRelatedState The Research Problems. The Preamble Of The U.S. Declaration1581 Words   |  7 PagesUnited States. I would further like to suggest that none of the responses would include a bank robber, alcoholic, or a high school dropout. I am sure that there is much research that would support the idea of predisposal and environmental influences that stir the final outcomes of the question. I would like to introduce as a research problem a paradigm shift in public school curriculum de velopment which regardless of race, creed or socio-economic status would allow the individual student to selectRead MoreMontessori vs. Traditional Education Essay1133 Words   |  5 PagesEducation is very important especially in this day and age. What school one attends and how they perceive school to be is a huge factor in one’s life success. There has been research done in the past few years proving that students who receive a Montessori education will prosper academically more so than those who receive a traditional education (Ryniker and Shoho, 2001). Traditional schools typically follow teacher based philosophies and the Montessori education is student centered. On average,Read MoreHow Innovation Is The Approach That I Use For Implementing New Ideas1111 Words   |  5 PagesInnovation is the approach that I like to use for implementing new ideas. Prior to arriving in Murray I had been President of the Modern Technology which is a nonprofit organization that works with Middle School, High School and College level students to help them be ready to work once they graduate from school. For Innovation I would like to explore the following new areas: †¢ Experiential teaching †¢ Learning Methods †¢ Flipping the classroom †¢ Use of nontraditional teaching methods in engineering ExperientialRead MoreIs College Tuition A High School?876 Words   |  4 PagesPerhaps, the most frustrating thing about being a high school senior is assembling the future. While a great proportion of high school seniors opt for a four year-university, many modify their original arrangements and attended a community college. Moreover, community college tuition is significantly less than a four-year university and students still receive a top quality education, but at lower cost. Even though a vast number of students intend to transfer their credits to a four-year universityRead MoreCharter Schools Vs. Public Schools2223 Words   |  9 PagesAt the foundation of the American public school system is the belief that every child deserves a quality education. To this end, the public school system in America has undergone many reforms. One of which has been charter schools. Charter schools are independent public schools of choice working under the auspices of a charter and not govern ed by the board of education. The charter can be written by parents, teachers, school administrators, community leaders, educational businesses, etc. ItRead MoreEmbedded Blended Learning Within An Algebra Classroom : A Multimedia Capture Experiment882 Words   |  4 Pagessetting. The purpose was to determine whether student engagement and academic performance would improve if multimedia content was embedded into instruction. The study comprised of two Algebra II classes, taught by the same teacher, in the same high school, to 9th through 12th grade, randomly selected, students. One academic unit was taught over a four-week period, using identical content. The teacher utilized screen recording software to develop video lectures for the test class. The control classRead MoreProfessional Leadership And Communications For Healthcare Essay818 Words   |  4 Pagesmeter and the laws of communication I become more in tune that I lack high value communications. This class has brought f orward an awareness of my shortcomings, but has given me the skills to improve. During the working style assessment. I was found to be effortless in the examine and execute dynamics. As a member, these groups I find my strengths rely heavily on the organization, control, and clear facts. Learning comes easier to me when in the traditional learning style of lectures and readings.Read MoreAre Schools Pushing Students Towards Success Or Distress? Essay1189 Words   |  5 PagesAre Schools Pushing Students towards Success or Distress? Many American students agree that there are major issues in the current education system. These flaws are creating stress, confusion, and other feelings that leave some students with no sense of direction. One of these problems are school’s career programs, particularly in elementary, middle, and high schools. Early on, children are being educated about potential job opportunities. To some, this may sound beneficial to students because itRead MoreRole Of Family Identified By Functionalist Theory And Marxist Theory1203 Words   |  5 Pagestheories developed which include functionalist theory, feminist theory and Marxist theory (Mary Maynard, 2000) and each theory has explained a number of roles played by family, both positive and negative. This essay will briefly illustrate three traditional roles of family identified by functionalist theory and discuss whether the role of family has changed in the current society. Before we can move further, a definition of â€Å"family† must be made. In sociology, it is defined as â€Å"a group of peopleRead MoreHomeschooling Is Becoming Popular All Over The World953 Words   |  4 Pageshomeschooling is becoming widely popular all over the world. Although many people believe that public school is the only way to go, people exclude homeschooling and create their own opinions about it. Homeschooling is much more than what people make it seem, it’s a better opportunity for young students to take. Homeschooling opens your mind and knowledge to things all over the world that public schools are not able to experience. Not only does it help the student strive to be a part of their community