Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Assessment Plan and Improvement Plan †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Assessment Plan and Improvement Plan. Answer: Introduction: During the launch of the Human Resource plan, I understood that the importance of recruiting skilled employee to enhance the productivity of an organization. Hence while launching the HR plan I emphasised on thoroughly reviewing the background as well as skills of each employee during the interview session. I also incorporated the concept of reward and recognition in the HR plan in order to ensure loyalty and retention of the employees(Hendry, 2012). According to me, the lesson presented is highly effective for developing my professional experience as well as my career. I understood how effective team building can enhance the performance of the team by increasing the efficiency of the candidates. I also obtained knowledge about team building elements like communication, collaborative brainstorming and equality that increase the production of the team. When I was working on the HR plan, I understood the importance of staff management, communication management plan, assessment plan and improvement plan for developing an effective HR plan. Not only that, I understood that it is the responsibility of the HR department to motivate and look after the welfare of the employees for enhanced productivity and employee retention (Cania, 2014). From the lesson I understood that stakeholders that include employees, suppliers, owners and shareholder are the most crucial part of a business. Hence in my professional life, I will develop effective strategies that involve active communication and corporation in order to ensure stakeholders satisfaction and enhancement of the revenue of the organization. Reference List: Cania, L. (2014). The impact of strategic human resource management on organizational performance.Economia. Seria Management,17(2), 373-383. Hendry, C. (2012).Human resource management. Routledge, 12-15

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